Leadership Development

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Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.

Jack Welch

The most effective leaders are those who know themselves the best, and who apply that introspection to their teams and to their company. Leadership Development initiatives are designed to equip the most important people in your organization with the mindset and skills needed to achieve your business objectives. Here at Vast Sky Leadership, our leadership development program is experiential and designed for personal introspection and action.

what we do

Participants emerging from our Vast Sky Leadership Development Program:

  • Develop a personal leadership brand & understand personal learning styles

  • Leverage conflict by understanding self & others.

  • Manage stress, build resilience & leverage multiple life roles.

  • Apply the difference between management & leadership.

  • Lead  across organizational or geographical boundaries.

  • Solve complicated problems & take wise action in complex, rapidly changing conditions.

  • Build a  network of supportive leaders to continue development.

How We Do It

Examples of some of our Leadership Modules:

  • Personal Assessments: 360, Emotional Intelligence, 1-on-1 coaching session

  • Your Personal Brand: Deep dive into participants’ personal brand, leadership story, and set the stage for the creation of their development plan

  • Your Leadership Nature: Understand the neuroscience of human nature, how it impacts behavior during times of change, stress, and feedback.

  • Leadership Vision and Values: Develop vision and values for ourselves and our teams. Leading to those values with goal-based empathy.

  • Team Performance: Understand the dynamics of a team, how change impacts groups, and how to work across boundaries and geographies.

  • Leadership Presence: Develop in-depth leadership presence, communication skills, facilitation skills, and executive relationships.

  • Leadership in Action: Active work on goal setting, driving results, and leadership systems

  • Leading Leaders: Managing organizational complexity. Coaching versus managing. Developing other leaders.

Client Feedback

“This experience helped to generate a better understanding of the organization’s pain points and needs. On a professional development level this workshop helped to provide me with additional tools to track a measure success.”
-Steve, Technology Leader


“I've never been to one that was so focused on specific outcomes that would help me to succeed at my job. Additionally, having an outside facilitator really allowed all of us to participate, learn and grow.”
-Robert, Technology Partnerships Executive