Workshop: CRO

We engaged Vast Sky to lead our off-site after several failed attempts with other facilitators. Their approach of guiding the conversations and work sessions, while still allowing the flexibility for our group to work within our own personality dynamics was extremely effective. Our entire management team has been thrilled with the results and look forward to continuing to work with Vast Sky in the future.

~ Chief Revenue Officer

Workshop: Mark

This workshop allowed us to coordinate more effectively, reduce redundancy, better communicate the overall strategy internally/externally and think more critically about how each one of us can impact the greater good of the company in a positive way. Nothing replaces face time and especially uninterrupted, dedicated time to review ideas, share feedback and make joint decisions which we can all take ownership because we were a part of the process.

~ Mark, SVP Marketing

Workshop: Lila

This workshop was 100% worth the time and investment. In an org that's predominately remote, it's critical to come together and share strategy. 60% of this org was onboarded within 6 months, so it's amazing for us to come together and learn each other's goals, aspirations, and job function.

~Lila, SVP of Technology Ecosystem

Chris: Dave

I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Chris Bolling as a client. The time we have spent together has challenged me to become more accountable to my own path and while I am happy with the direction I am moving, the process was not always comfortable.

The approach Chris takes is to push me with question after question, rarely if ever giving advice. Rather, his thoughtful and steady guidance has allowed me to measure my steps and think through options I had never considered.

~ Dave, Vice President

Chris: Rebecca

I feel very fortunate to have found a coach of Chris Bolling's skill and experience during a time of professional transition. I worked with him over a period of months as I prepared for a sudden and unexpected promotion to the position of CE0 of a $250M credit union.

Chris was invaluable as I walked through the process of defining myself as a leader and considering how to approach some potentially thorny collegial relationships. With his intuition and his ability to observe and ask just the right questions, Chris was often able to lead me into an expanded way of viewing a situation or to help me develop existing insight on a particular issue. Throughout the process, he avoided directly advising or prescribing solutions, but instead encouraged me to create my own. He demonstrated significant flexibility, moving between coaching styles as the situation and subject matter demanded, but his approach was uniformly positive and affirming

~ Rebecca, CEO

Heidi: Rachel

Heidi is among the most emotionally intelligent people I have ever met. An empathetic listener and inquisitive friend, she helped me develop explicit connections between my passion and my professional trajectory. Her emphasis on introspection and focused thinking enabled me to feel empowered to actively pave my career path. She has an uncanny ability to distill elusive personal aspirations into actionable, achievable plans and certainly made me feel a newfound sense of self-efficacy and confidence.

~ Rachel, Strategic Consultant

Heidi: Liz

I’ve been fortunate to have Heidi’s guidance for the past few years of my career. As a high performer in every role she’s had, I highly value her insights and council. Heidi is an excellent listener and asks the right questions to help steer your conversations in the right direction and helps bring about thoughtful discussions which in turn bring results. Heidi has been a go-to for this kind of advice from peers, direct reports and everyone around her and anyone who works with her would call her a rock star. She is one of those people who always brings her A-game, is professional, polished, and knows how to help those around her and those who seek her advice.

~ Liz, Technology Executive

Heidi: Eli

Heidi brings the perfect blend of coaching skills along with corporate experience to the table in her role as executive coach. Her empathic listening skills layered with intuitive and probing insights, tempered by her pragmatic understanding of the business environment comes together to show the way for the kind of self awareness and self learning to take you to the next level of performance. Anyone ready to advance their executive skills would be lucky to work with her.

– Eli, CIO