This workshop allowed us to coordinate more effectively, reduce redundancy, better communicate the overall strategy internally/externally and think more critically about how each one of us can impact the greater good of the company in a positive way. Nothing replaces face time and especially uninterrupted, dedicated time to review ideas, share feedback and make joint decisions which we can all take ownership because we were a part of the process.

~ Mark, SVP Marketing


“Vast Sky did an amazing job of building a curriculum that allows us to collaborate. Holistically we identified goals and defined our organization.” ~ Megan, VP Product

By bringing our entire team together to get to know each other better, while working as a team on our team and personal goals and metrics was extremely helpful, useful and productive. I feel more aligned, committed and motivated. Thanks for making this happen!

~ Kate, VP Marketing Executive


This workshop was 100% worth the time and investment. In an org that's predominately remote, it's critical to come together and share strategy. 60% of this org was onboarded within 6 months, so it's amazing for us to come together and learn each other's goals, aspirations, and job function.

~ Lila, SVP of Technology Ecosystem